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An email has set a new standard for business communication in this corporate world. In recent years, instant messaging and email have become the norm for professional communication. Instant messaging, such as Google Chat and other services, has recently replaced email as the main mode of contact for regular difficulties and concerns. In contrast, email is still used for official communication and activities like exchanging files.


Numerous people have recently become less formal and less cautious when sending emails due to the widespread use of instant messaging. Less formal language, unsafe email servers, and dangerous file transfers have taken over the email world, and it's time for you to take action to save yourself and your coworkers from possible email disasters. To increase your email safety, we at SendSafely have developed some suggestions.


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Email should be used for formal communications only


Be careful when sending emails to the office. A useful tool is an email. The possibility of someone viewing your emails is always present because of features like BCC and forwarding. Don't write anything you wouldn't want other people to see, and use proper language and English. Despite what many people think, email is rarely private; therefore, you should treat it as such.

Use business-specific email services instead than personal ones.


Make sure to use your company's domain name ( when establishing an email address for commercial purposes. The validity and perceived authority of an email address with a corporate domain name are increased. Using a Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account to send professional emails gives the idea that your company is not legitimate but that you are operating out of your basement. Use this to your full advantage; it gives your team a polished, professional appearance. Most significant service providers, including Gmail and Yahoo, even allow you to use your domain name in conjunction with their products for a very cheap (or no) fee.

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Discreet, safe attachments


The easiest way to deliver a file to someone is as an email attachment. Consider the information in the file before sending it by email, and take the necessary security precautions to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Attachments can be duplicated or kept on intermediary servers, just like the email message, and are visible to every system the email passes through. The files containing personally identifiable information should raise red flags since identity thieves may find them valuable.


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What exactly is email protocol privacy?

To reveal contact information of any type without consent is improper email etiquette or professional decency. Use the BCc when you have a lengthy list of contacts as a general rule. This keeps your email looking professional and lowers the chance of unwelcome exposure.

How can I secure the privacy of my email?

Five Pointers for Maintaining Email Security

Put two-factor authentication to use. Two-factor authentication's fundamental tenet is straightforward: combine something you know with something you have.


Reduce forwarding.


Incorporate expiration dates into your emails.


Recognize the terms of service of your provider.


Email encryption.

Is email covered under data privacy?

Email addresses are personal information, yes. Email addresses are identifiable information under the GDPR and CCPA data protection laws (PII). PII is any data that, alone or in combination with other information, can be used to identify a specific physical person. You can use An email privacy checker to get several benefits. 

Can you email me a secret document?

Gmail's confidential mode lets you send messages and attachments while preventing unauthorized access to critical information. Messages can be given an expiration date, or access can be revoked using confidential mode.

Are emails private or public?

Your email is public, which should no longer be a surprise. It's actually among the least secure forms of communication you can employ. Unlike phone calls, which are frequently not recorded and saved and, even if they were, would require a court order for your employer and police enforcement to access, are phone calls.