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If you want to get the solution of how to get the source code of a website, My SEO Tools is the right platform for you to get the answer to your query. Users of every major Internet browser can view the HTML source code of any online page. The various ways that each major browser's source code can be viewed are described in the following sections. Pick an item from the list below, then follow the directions to move forward.

Necessary information

A web page's information and server-processed code won't show up while inspecting the page's source code. For instance, a search engine uses a server to process data before displaying the results on a web page. To put it another way, the source code for the search engine is hidden, but you can see the code that creates the results page. Follow the tips to get the source code of the webpage from My Seo Tools. 

Every SSI, server-side script, and piece of computer code must abide by this requirement. A script used in search engines, forums, polls, chat, etc., does not allow you to access its source code. Additionally, copying data from source code could result in problems or send you back to the page from which you copied it.

Methods on Google Chrome

Use the following techniques in Google Chrome to inspect a web page's source code.

Just view the source code.

One approach

Use your computer's keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+U to examine only the source code.

Technique 2

Select View page source code from the pop-up menu that appears by performing a right-click on a blank area of the website.

Methods of Mozilla Firefox

Use one of the most used following techniques to find the source code of a website in Mozilla Firefox.

Just view the source code.

One approach

Press Ctrl+U on your computer's keyboard to view only the source code.

Technique 2

Choose View Page Source from the pop-up menubar that comes up by performing a right-click on a blank area of the website.

Is it possible to extract webpage code?

Chrome: View Page Source by performing a right-click on a white area on the page. To copy and paste the existing code into a text file, first, you need to highlight it. For Firefox: Select Tools > Web Developer > Page Source from the menu bar. 

How can I get HTML code off of a website?

You can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + S in Windows or Command + S on macOS or right-click anywhere on the webpage and select Save as. Chrome can store either only the HTML text or the entire web page, including text and media elements.

In what way can I examine HTML code in my browser?

Open the browser, then go to the page you want to read the HTML for.

When the page has finished loading, right-click the page to see the right-click menu.

Select "View Source" from the menu to see the source.

You can view the page's HTML code when the source page opens.

How can I locate a website's HTML and CSS code?

To inspect an element, perform a right-click and select "Inspect."

Under the "Elements" tab, you may view HTML and inline styles.

Under "Styles," view external styles.

To see the website on a mobile device, click the "mobile" icon and check the associated source HTML and CSS for mobile content.

How can I save HTML code?

saving a document in HTML

Select HTML from the drop-down menu when you choose File> Save As.

Click Save after giving the filename a. HTML extension and specifying the File's location. If you wish to know how to get the HTML code of a website, the guide from My Seo Tools will help you. 


The converted File can be viewed by opening the HTML file in a Web browser. You're done if you're satisfied with it.