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About Google Cache Checker


Get to know all about Google Cache Checker with My SEO Tools! 


The Google page cache of your websites is instantly checked by Small SEO Tools' web cache reader. This is an easy approach to determine whether Google has indexed the pages on your website. This tool will inform you if Google is aware of the existence of such a website and has added it to its index, making it accessible through Google's search results.


The Google Cache Checker is a tool for viewing cached pages and determining the date and hour your website was cached. Thus, it could be said a website cache checker is as well. A copy of the page is stored in Google's cache. Each web page is taken as a snapshot by Google, which then keeps (caches) that snapshot as a backup. Enter the URL to find out when your website was last cached.


What is the need to use Google Cache Checker? 


You need a Cache Checker tool to figure out which of your web pages Google has cached. The cache allows for the temporary storage of web pages for later use. These web publications may contain both visuals and HTML code.


The copy of the unprocessed HTML that Googlebot receives from your server is stored in Google Cache. Your browser then displays the HTML that Google has recorded. Google stores cached pages because it allows visitors to access a page even when it is unavailable or has a brief timeout.


Wondering how to use it? Here you go! 


A cache website checker is crucial since you can use this free online tool to rapidly determine whether Google has cached any of the pages from your website. It's easy to scan the Google cache for your website using our service. Click "Check" after entering the URL of the page you want to search for.


The cached version will be kept by Google exactly as it was when it last inspected the website. The cached version of the website may occasionally differ from the current webpage you see.


Google will store the previously indexed copy in their cache each time they visit your page and crawl the material. With the help of our Cache website Checker tool, you can determine whether Google has cached your web pages and when the most recent content update occurred.




What is the need for a Google Cache Checker? 


This Google web cache checker tool can be very helpful to you if you are a website owner or web admin since it will tell you all of the information and links on your website that Google cached. As a result, all links that Google crawled are also referred to as cached URLs. Thus, it could be said that the importance of a  site cache checker is huge, and My SEO Tools is here to help you!


How can I view the Google cache on my phone?


To launch a Google search for the page, you're looking for, press Enter. Find the relevant result by browsing the list of search results. At the end of the URL, click the downward pointing arrow. To view the most recent cached version of the page, click Cached.


What is the duration of Google Cache approximately? 


Google stores sites in its cache for roughly 90 days or until the page is crawled once more. Generally, it could be said that Google Cache stays 90 days longer than that. 


How quickly does the cache update?


Your cache will eventually be updated to reflect the most recent updates, but it might take some time (usually 24 hours). Clearing your cache can hasten the process and ensure that it immediately incorporates the most recent modifications.


How to use Google Cache analysis?


It's simple! The first step is launching the Chrome browser. After that, you need to enter 

"cache" in the address bar, then type the website address you want to visit. The outcomes will resemble those of a Google search.