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A malware scanner is an effective tool to assist Website Malware Check and find out any kind of malicious codes, infected files and hidden iframes on a website . A depth investigation is performed with the help of this tool to detect any kind of suspicious activity associated with the website. On the internet, you can find many Malware Checking tools developed by IT firms. 

Google has launched its own malware-checking tools to detect any errors. Google malware checker is an effective software application that scans any malware on your website and secures its reputation. It is a cloud-based system that can be provided for offering access and detecting any threat. 

Working process of Google malware checker

Google has launched its free version tool to find out any kind of malicious files or codes. Google free malware checker is an effective free access tool that can be accessed by any individual free of cost. There are three steps that should be taken to perform checking operations. First, you have to copy the URl link of your website and paste it into this tool. After this, you have to click on the check-in button to proceed with the scaling process. 

Now, it will be redirected to Google’s safe zone to diagnose the page.

Lastly, a report is prepared about the last 90 days' activity of a web page that has been visited by the viewers. Based on the report, you have to analyze any malicious and unauthorized activity performed by any individuals. Google malware checker tool provides an overview of activity that is attached to our webpage. 

Features of Google malware checker

From the above information, it is analyzed that maintaining a website from the attack of any malicious activity is highly essential to be conducted. Google site checker malware is an effective software application to secure your web page from illegal access. Compared to other tools, it is a cost-saving and reliable source to prevent your website from attacks or threats. Hence, you should adopt Google's malicious software checker to provide protection for your data and information. You can take ideas from the website of My SEO Tools to know how to access any Google malware checker. 



What is a Google malware checker?

Google malware checker is an effective tool to evaluate any malicious codes, infected files and hidden iframes on a website. 

Is Google malware checker available for free?

Yes, a free version of Google malware checker is available for any individual. 

How to use the Google site checker tool?

You have to copy the URL of your webpage and paste it into Google malware checker. Now, you will be redirected to the page and get a report for suspicious activity performed on your website. 

Can the Google malware checker tool be accessed on the phone?

Yes, the google malware checker tool is accessible on our phones. It automatically scans all the error files and code on your mobile applications. 

How to check malicious files?

You have to use certain tools like Google malware checker tool to detect any unauthorized activity performed on your website.