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Your content should be unique, pleasing, and good to read. Using a keyword too often or not using it correctly may affect your SERP score. To rank better, you should place keywords in your content accordingly, but you should save your content from stuffing. Instead of taking risks, you should use My SEO Tools’ keyword density checker feature. This amazing tool helps measure the percentage of the number of keywords or phrases compared with the total number of words available on a web page. 

It can assess a website's relevance for a keyword or key phrase as part of the search engine optimization process. It matters in terms of where a website appears in search results.

The ideal range for keyword density is between 1 and 3 percent. It's even better if the desired keyword appears in the URL, title, meta-description, and HTML head elements. You can use My SEO Tools' free keyword density analyzer to determine the ideal keyword density level for improved search engine rankings.


Fixes stop words

You will receive a list of all the content's stop words. You can determine whether sentences benefit from having stop words removed or replaced. If you find that a phrase repeats too many times, you can easily identify and fix that. If you find the phrase is missing or has a little percentage, you can increase the percentage and make the content ready for better performance. 

Follows the formula

This keyword density tool follows the best formula and conducts a deep search to provide accurate results. Keyword density can be estimated as a specific number. Divide the number of times the total number of words references a specific keyword on the page to find a web page's keyword density.

Offers free reports 

This keyword density analyzer tool is absolutely free to use. You do not need to invest in any monthly package. You can easily browse it from your laptop, PC, or smartphone. 

Know more with Frequently Asked Questions

1. How important is keyword density for SEO?

Regarding ranking sites for a particular keyword, keyword density is now only a modest criterion for modern SEO. To make content seo-friendly, it is crucial to incorporate your focus keyword(s) into the significant on-page elements, including the title tag, meta description, H1 body, alt tag, and internal links. When search engines index and rank your web pages, off-page criteria like backlinks and anchor text are more important than on-page components.

2. What is the ideal keyword density? 

The best keyword density is comparable to the ideal content length. Some themes that provide extensive text suit numerous related terms and synonyms. On the other hand, a brief passage that makes more of the same keywords is better suited to particular themes. It depends on the web design, content type, and goals. The finest advice on this subject is to write with human readers in mind rather than machine algorithms or crawlers.

3. Do I need to download this tool?

No. This keyword density checker tool is a web-based application. You can easily access this tool from your browser. This is also mobile-friendly. You can check density on the go and improve the overall performance of your content. 

4. How many URLs can I check in a day?

There is no limit. You can check numerous URLs based on your requirements. Each time, you will get accurate reports. 

5. Is it safe to use My SEO Tools’ density checker?

Using the page URL, you can use our application to get accurate density results. Here, we want to mention that we DO NOT store or see your stuff if that is the case. We value your privacy greatly and keep everything safe and secure.