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Depending solely on the keywords you generate in your head will not get you very far in your online business journey. You'll need a well-established system to generate a steady stream of keyword suggestions to pair with your seed keywords.
Having relevant keywords generated for you automatically from a trustworthy source saves you time and allows you to target more relevant search terms. It also assists you in increasing your marketing ROI and user search intent. As a result, keyword suggestions are an important part of keyword research and general search engine optimization (SEO).

Keyword Suggestions Tool From My SEO Tools

My SEO Tools' Keyword Suggestion Tool is a free keyword tool that allows you to generate endless keywords for your online marketing campaigns. It provides an endless supply of highly relevant, traffic-generating keyword suggestions. You must enter a seed keyword and select the country you want to search in.
Our free Keyword Analysis Tool will automatically retrieve a list of suggested keywords for the seed keyword you entered from our industry-leading database of billions of keywords. You can expect a large number of unique and actionable keyword suggestions for free to help you increase your search traffic and reach.

Features Of Our Keyword Suggestions Tool

The following features are included with this Keyword Suggestion Tool:
•        Up to 100 keyword suggestions per search.
•        Google Trends' most recent popularity/trending record for the keyword. This allows you to determine whether the keyword's popularity declines or increases.
•        Checking options for related keywords, keyword position, and long-tail keywords for the original keyword you entered.
All these features are free for every seed keyword you search for. Despite all of its features, the tool is extremely simple to use and quick.


1)    What Is The Purpose Of Your Keyword Suggestions Tool?
My SEO Tools' Keyword Suggestions Tool provides you with many keyword ideas and metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost per click. You will also see if the keywords displayed activate any SERP features. You can also analyze a keyword and see the top 100 pages that compete for it in organic and paid searches.

2)    Is Your Tool An Alternative To Google's Keyword Planner?
The functionality of Google's Keyword Planner and My SEO Tools' Keyword Suggestion Tool overlaps, but they are not identical. Both tools allow you to check monthly search volume, CPC, and keyword ideas. Furthermore, My SEO Tools’ free keyword ideas tool enables you to estimate current and historical competition in organic SERPs and view the most popular ads for the analyzed keyword.

3)    What Is The Functionality Of Your Keyword Suggestion Tool?
To analyze a keyword, enter it into the search box, select a relevant search engine and country, and then click search. The system will collect and display data in seconds in the overview and detailed reports. You can analyze the data in the interface or download reports in.CSV or.XLS format.

4)    Is It Possible To Use Your Keyword Generator For Free?
You can get a limited number of daily reports from My SEO Tools' Keyword Suggestion Tool without signing up. In your reports, you'll see which pages rank among the top ten search results and receive a limited number of keyword suggestions. You must first sign up for a free trial to use the keyword generator to its full potential.

5)    Where Does Your Tool Get Its Keywords?
My SEO Tools has its keyword suggestion databases for over 200 countries. They cover over three billion keywords and are constantly expanding. Suppose your company operates in a niche, and you don't see relevant keywords in My SEO Tools. You can submit a list of keywords to be researched, and they will be added to our databases within a month.