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Analyze the performance of your website, identify any slowdowns, and look for improvement opportunities. Find out if your page is loading slowly.

Create an alert to get informed when your page performs poorly.

To let you know what happened, we'll send you an alert with a link to a detailed report.

Rankings of websites are greatly influenced by page load times. As Google actively considers a website's speed when calculating its ranking, this is no longer a secret. This was made known to the public back in 2010. A website that loads quickly will therefore rank well and experience a considerable increase in organic traffic. Since 52% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, organizations must prioritize improving website speed for mobile browsers.

Users use numerous gadgets and browsers to access websites. With the wrong tools, it can be not easy to assess a website's speed across various devices and browsers. Additionally, it might be difficult and time-consuming to manually calculate essential metrics for each browser, such as DOM processing, response time, and Time to first byte (TTFB).


  •  Why should I care about how quickly my website loads?

An excellent argument should be the user's navigational experience on your website. Users have numerous alternatives regarding how they consume content online, and a poorly functioning website will annoy your users and cause them to go elsewhere. Instead of making customers wait for scripts and graphics to load, a quicker and more responsive website will keep them more interested and focused on your content. SEO is still another factor. Google currently takes page speed into account when determining rankings, and with the Web Vitals program, they also intend to take Page Experience into account.

  •  What do I do now that I got my results?

Start improving your website now! Each audit in My SEO Tools is explained and offers suggestions you may put into practice. The order of the reports' audits reflects which ones have the greatest influence on your website. Fixing the issues at the top of the list can significantly affect your score. But before you start, be sure you fully comprehend the audits. Many of them apply to your website, but not all of them. You don't have to make all the necessary corrections because the audits are designed to be general best practices. Concentrate first on the Web Vitals.

  • Do I have to make all the fixes?

Not at all, no! Analyze the audits that are listed in your Summary Tab first. Go to the Structure Tab next, where all the audits are shown in order of their impact on your score.

Recognize that achieving 100% is unattainable and that a green score denotes optimized site performance. A few audits may not apply to your site because these tools are designed for many site types.

  • How can I check my URL, and why would I want to do that?

You can maintain track of performance over time and spot any changes by monitoring your URL. When used in conjunction with our monitored notifications, you can immediately identify when your website is performing poorly and take action to fix it.

You'll reach the URL's report page after it has been assessed. The "Monitor" button on the right side of the screen opens a menu with a dropdown menu that offers several monitoring schedules. Select the timetable of your choice and save your selections.