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The Reverse Domain Lookup Concept

Website owners are conscious of their IP address if they use a dynamic address, which the vast majority do. They have really no idea who else has the same Ip as them. The reverse IP lookup utility will return a list of all the domain names associated with websites that use your dynamic address. To accomplish this, you will need to perform a reverse IP address lookup. A reverse IP lookup command is executed when your website visitors complain about having trouble finding your website on the internet. Use a reverse IP search to find out which websites can use your IP address.

The reverse Domain Lookup procedure

  • Find all domains that are hosted on the same IP address.

  • Reverse Domain Lookup reveals all of the websites that share the same IP address. Only the domains that share an IP address are displayed, not the IP address itself.

  • You can use reverse IP lookup to find domains hosted on a rival's IP address.

  • This utility can also be utilized to examine your competitors' websites to determine whether they employ dynamic or static IP addresses, and how many other sites share the address.

  • Other tools on can help you determine who their web hosting service suppliers are. Reverse IP address web search frequently uncovers additional domains possessed by your competitors.



Features of Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP Web search returns up to 1,000 domain names hosted on a single IP address, including all gTLDs and ccTLDs. Order a Reverse IP report for more famous IPs with more than 1,000 realms, and we'll deliver something to you in minutes. Reverse IP reports are useful for sorting, parsing, and reviewing better places of domains. Reverse IP Lookup is a tremendously powerful tool with a wide range of high-value business applications. Get a list of all domains that have the same IP address as you and share the same resources. Determine malicious behavior of online fraud or scamming websites hosted on the same server. Before making a switch, conduct research on hosting companies. On the website of My SEO tools, you can find out major features of Reverse IP Lookup.



How to Do a Reverse DNS?

Use the command line in Windows. Using the ns lookup command in Windows, perform a manual DNS lookup. Make use of the Linux terminal. You can perform manual DNS lookups with the dig command and the -x flag. Use the host command instead.

What is a reverse IP domain check?

A reverse IP domain check looks for other sites that are known to be hosted on the same web server as a domain name or IP address. The information is derived from search engine results, which are not guaranteed to be complete.


Which domain does reverse DNS use?

The special domain in-addr.ARPA is used for reverse DNS lookups for IPv4 addresses. An IPv4 address is represented in this domain as a concatenated sequence of four decimal numbers separated by dots, to which the second-level domain suffix is appended. You can obtain ideas from webpage my seo tools.