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About Website Links Count Checker


Use this free online tool to find out how many links are outbound on a certain page. To guarantee a website's quality, website owners and webmasters must often examine the external links on their web pages.

More importantly, using this tool can help you avoid paying for advertising or link building from a questionable service provider, saving you money and hassle since they have a specific algorithm that can detect such link-building operations, "Link Farms" (pages or websites that exist solely to reproduce backlinks) are not a good choice for search engine optimization. It can potentially harm your website rather than aid in its improvement.

Therefore, if you are planning to trade links, it is advised that you utilize this Website Links Checker tool as a starting point to eliminate pages that might harm your website's reputation. The relevancy of that particular web page may then be manually reviewed for additional analysis.

The quantity of links—internal and external—that a website has on its web pages is one of the most crucial elements that most website owners are concerned about because search engines like Google will rank a website higher if it has more and better links.

With our Website Links Checker, you can track your web pages' internal, external, and backlinks. Additionally, it will say if they are Dofollow or Nofollow links. To put it another way, this is a counter tool and a link extractor that is very useful for SEO.

To give website owners and webmasters a solid understanding of the link worth of their website, My SEO Tools strives to offer the finest tool that can count internal and external connections.
This link count checker application is beneficial for gathering all the data you need to employ to raise the caliber of a web page. Usually, the website owner is interested in the number of internal and external connections on a specific web page.

How to use this Check Website Backlinks tool?

It is quite simple to use our Link Count Checker tool. You must type the URL into the text box and press the "Check" button. Our system employs a special algorithm to process your request and produce the desired outcome quickly. You'll see the following data in the results:

  • Total links

  • Internal links

  • External links

  • Nofollow link

  • Dofollow links


What is no follow link?

Links marked as nofollow are often displayed in red to denote danger. It is unclear how much of a threat they pose to a website. However, you must avoid nofollow links. Twitter and Facebook, two popular social networking sites, are both set to automatically No-follow.

What are follow links?

Google and other search engines may follow links to your website are known as "dofollow" links. This connection is advantageous for your website since it can raise your page rating in search results.

How do Dofollow and Nofollow Links affect SEO?

Many website owners and bloggers had problems due to search engines like Google linking to other websites connected to the one being linked. Some took advantage of the chance to profit; phony link farms were promoted to uninformed website owners and web admins. They only understand the value of external connections, which is why purchased farm links duped them.

Why Use Website Link Count Checker?

Let us help you if you're seeking a simple solution to obtain do-follow links. Using My SEO Tool's Website Check Website Backlinks, analyze the findings, and produce original, high-quality content are some of the greatest ways to gain do-follow links. After that, you may let this material spread naturally and become linked to others. It will increase your SEO and provide referral visitors to your website.