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Find Out the Owner of the Website with Whois Checker

By delving into the WHOIS database, you may use the Whois Checker to look up information about domain registration and availability. You will also receive contact details for the owner, administrator, and other crucial details.

Enter the domain name you are interested in into GoDaddy's WHOIS search area to find out whether it is currently accessible or not.


How Does My SEO Tools' Whois Checker Integration Work?

The data gathered when someone registers a domain name or modifies their DNS settings is stored in a public database called Whois Checker.

The International Corporation governs the WHOIS database for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). They have been doing this with domain registrar checkers since 1982 when the early Internet was still a wild and woolly area.

The WHOIS database maintains registration data in a number of locations that are all under the jurisdiction of different registries and registrars. Although they are not sold, domain extensions are held and administered by registries like Verisign, which is the owner of extensions. As opposed to this, several registrars like sell and register domains.


Know about Information Stored in Whois Checker 

The registrant must provide their information while registering a domain name, which must be correct. You may risk in losing your domain name if you provide inaccurate information while registering it. You may manage domain registration date checkers with these tools.

The data was gathered throughout the domain registration procedure.

  • Name. 

  • Address. 

  • Phone Number. 

  • Email Address. 



  1. What is the WHOIS Lookup Tool's procedure?

Type the domain name you wish to examine information for into the search area on the WHOIS main page to utilize the WHOIS lookup tool. Using this method, you may access crucial information about a domain, such as availability, domain owner lookup, and creation and expiration information. For studying a lot of domain data, obtaining exportable lists from the tool might be useful if you have numerous domains.


2. How Reliable Are the Whois Checker's Data?

To make the WHOIS database as accurate as possible, ICANN offers rules. Since registrants' contact information may change, registrars like GoDaddy must offer domain owners yearly chances to check and modify their WHOIS domain data. Domains may be suspended or cancelled following ICANN regulations if this information is not updated or is inaccurate.


3. What is a WHOIS database necessary?

For a few key reasons, it's critical to be able to rapidly and properly locate domain information.

  • A WHOIS check is crucial for those engaged in the domain purchasing and selling sector. These people, referred to as "domainers," require a means of communication for their business dealings. One or more ways to get in touch with the current owner of a web address can be found through a WHOIS search. 

  • The WHOIS database is a technique to uphold responsibility for those who do internet business. The WHOIS database, for instance, offers a variety of avenues to settle a dispute if you believe someone is utilizing your trademarks on their website.


4. How do I change my WHOIS details?

Your GoDaddy account's Domain Manager has a WHOIS contact information updating feature. You may update all of your contacts at once or just one at a time in just a few easy steps. To comply with ICANN rules and ensure you're getting WHOIS communication at the right email address, it's critical to have your contact information in its current state. 


5. Who is the Domain Name's owner?

Any individual, corporation, or organization may legitimately own or own a domain name with a domain info checker. This person is known as a domain registrant and must keep their WHOIS contact information up to date as well as their current registration costs.