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About XML Sitemap Generator

Whenever it comes to improving your rankings, A Google sitemap generator can be a great help. This protocol enables Google and other prominent search engines to understand the structure of your website while crawling it easily. Google first introduced it in 2005.

What Exactly Is It?

Sitemaps are also recognized as URL inclusion protocols because they inform search engines about what to crawl. It differs from robots.txt files, an exclusion protocol that tells search engines what not to crawl.

An XML sitemap will assist Google in finding your web pages when it crawls your website because each web page, not just your domain, can be ranked. It notifies search engines about pages on their websites that are crawlable.

While not having an XML sitemap does not result in a penalty, creating one is strongly preferred because an effective free sitemap generator can enhance the SEO of your website.

The Requirements of The Best Sitemap Generator

Having an effective XML sitemap can help your rankings. However, this is especially useful when:

  • You have such a website with a complex arrangement or a large number of internal links.

  • Your website is consistent and has archived content.

  • If your website is new or if you only have a few external links.

  • It also has dynamic pages, mainly for e-commerce websites.

The Benefits of Using The Best Online Sitemap Generator


  • The best XML Sitemap lists all URLs on your website. It includes pages that search engines would not have been able to find.

  • Provides page priority to engines and thus crawls main focus. You can include a tag indicating which pages are the most important on your XML sitemap. Bots will thus prioritise these priority pages first.

  • Individuals can also add two additional optional tags that will pass additional data to search engines to assist them in crawling your website. The first, "lastmod," tells them when a page was last modified. The second, "changefreq," indicates how frequently a page will likely be updated.

  • Returns information from Google Webmaster Central. You can use My SEO Tools in this regard.

Create Your Powerful XML Sitemap

Creating your XML sitemap is simple because our powerful website content management platform can generate one for you automatically. However, using our XML sitemap generator will help you make certain outcomes in the proper form and free of errors. The required protocol for Google is Sitemap Protocol 0.9.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an XML sitemap?

Since all webpages, not just your domain, can be ranked, an XML sitemap will assist Google in finding them when it crawls your website.

Why use an XML sitemap generator?

The sitemap generator tool crawls a website and generates an XML file that helps Google, Yandex, and other search engines find and understand site content more quickly.

What can it do?

The classic XML Sitemap format can generate images- and multilingual sitemaps.

What is a Google sitemap generator?

It is a kind of sitemap generator server that plugs in that can be implemented on both Linux/Apache and Windows-based servers.

Is there any prerequisite?

There is no necessity for any coding or technical knowledge. Our sitemap maker will automatically generate a sitemap that meets all technical specifications and is compatible with all popular search engines.