Check Domain Authority

Domain Authority Check creates a relationship between words and phrases attached to your website content. Important keywords from websites are analyzed to improve the usability of the website. The techniques find the effective domain and utilize them to maximize the search traffic. Based on the target topic, keyword placement is done to make powerful optimization of websites. There are different tools found in the marketplace for the domain rank checker. On the webpage of My SEO Tools, you will gain an idea about domain rank checkers.


How to execute domain authority checkers?

On different kinds of free domain authority checkers, you can easily and freely check the 

Authority of the domain of the website, Moz domain authority checker is an effective tool to enhance domain checking. 

It's simple to use our website authority checker. You easily need to follow these simple steps:


  • Go to the link of Moz domain authority checker.
  • Enter the URL toward which you want to run the check in the space provided.
  • After you enter the website's URL, click the Check Authority button.


Executing this powerful application will serve the results in a couple of seconds. The DA of your site will be displaced, and also authority could be determined easily. 


Factors that affect domain authority

There are more than 100 factors that change or affect the domain authority pointing to your website. Based upon those factors, your website visibility and authenticity vary that must be properly considered. For this reason, you have to maintain score value by putting quality content. You have to use domain rank checkers to minimize the effects of such factors and improve the function of the website. From the webpage of My SEO Tools, the major factors have been explored below. 


  • Referring to root domains.
  • The number of backlinks connected to the website.
  • Quality of the links.
  • Site volume of content that is attached to your website
  • The age of the domain denotes the time when it first went live on Google.
  • Quality of overall site content.
  • Speed of Website.
  • Moz trust 

Enter a website above to get started.



  1. What do you mean by domain authority checker?

Domain Authority (DA) is a Moz-created search engine ranking score that predicts how likely a website is to rank in SERPs. Domain Authority values range from one to one hundred, with higher scores indicating a higher likelihood of ranking.


  1. Define a checker tool.

The Domain Authority Checker tool enables you to calculate a website's DA score. You can access the domain by visiting the web page of My SEO Tools.


3. How to use Moz domain, authority checker?

The Domain Authority of any website can be determined using Moz's Link Explorer, the MozBar or the SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer. My SEO Tools has built an effective online platform to use such tools and enhance the domain on your website quickly. 


4. Is a free domain authority checker available on the internet?

Yes, on the internet, you can get a free domain authority checker to check the ranking score of your web page. My SEO Tools has explained some major free domain authority checkers that are commonly used in the marketplace. 


5. What is the function of domain rank checkers?

Sites with a high number of high-quality external links are generally at the top of the Domain Authority scale.  Domain rank checkers  tools examine the DA scores of the sites with which you directly compete in the SERPs and strive to overperform them when investigating sites within your target SERPs that might have more strong link profiles than you do to perform checking.