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About Link Analyzer Tool

Link Analyzer Tool is a useful online tool that allows you to compare your rivals' link profiles to your own overall link profile and identify web page sources that will be excellent for link building. Links are thought of by many large, well-known search engines as endorsements or evidence of reliability for a certain website. Links with excellent content also provide a significant amount of the high-quality traffic you want. A free link analysis tool is therefore very important.

Now, enables you to check and analyze all of your links in the most practical way, whether you are conducting a routine link audit or reacting to the most recent Penguin update. You may examine the External Links and Internal Links that the search engine spiders can quickly identify on a certain page of your website using our Link Analyzer Tool. The internal link structure of a website and the relationship between the sites are indexed and evaluated by search engines like Google that use spider links.

How to Use the Tool for Link Analysis

Use our Link Analyzer Tool, a free link analysis application, to analyze a particular webpage thoroughly and receive a list of links along with each link's related anchor text.

Entering the URL of the web page you wish to investigate is all that is necessary, along with choosing whether to look at internal or external links or both. Additionally, there is a box that you may tick to display no follow links.

All of the incoming and/or outgoing links, together with their accompanying anchor text, will be included as part of the results. When a page contains hyperlinked pictures, the alt property of the relevant image will be shown as the anchor text.

Remember that you may only examine the links on one page at a time using our link analysis tool. A thorough link audit or review audit should examine each individual web page rather than just the home page of a website.


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  • How Can You Increase Market Share Using Your Tools for Competitive Analysis?

Understanding your rivals and how you now stack up against them are key components of competitive analysis. Even if they can help a great marketer accomplish fantastic work, great competition analysis tools won't make your marketing great. You might wish to understand the most effective ways to use your tools now that you have access to information on your competitors' plans.

  • How to identify competitors? 

Even if you are already aware of your company rivals, it is crucial to understand that they are not always the same as your search rivals. Analyzing the latter is preferable when seeking for pertinent and worthwhile subjects to cover.

  • How do a competitive keyword analysis at the page level?

You can identify content gaps by conducting a keyword competition analysis at the page level rather than the domain level. This is where a searcher's interest in a topic is unmet on your page. These gaps can assist you in the following:

  • Earn more long-tail keyword positions
  • Better rankings for your primary keyword