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A rating phrase from MOZ called page authority (PA) forecasts a specific page's performance in search engine results. The authority score for a given page runs from 1 to 100. Remember that a high score increases your chance of ranking.


Your site's or your competitors' page authority is determined using data from the search engine index and considers various factors. Similar to domain authority, this ranking makes use of automated technologies to better accurately compare websites. It is a relative indicator that might fluctuate depending on several circumstances. The authority of a website shouldn't be determined solely by its ranking. However, it is a tool that enables you to discover how high the page gets a chance to rank and drive more search traffic to your website.


Page authority checker- the basic factors! 


The rating of a site's success and authority in search engines can be affected by various things. Your site is rated based on several basic factors, and special computer algorithms determine the quality of its pages. Not only are the websites numbered sequentially, but their pages also bear a seal of quality. Data from the MOZ web index are compared. Check this index frequently because it may change over time.


As with DA, MOZ described a 100-point system to determine your page rank. The scale makes it simpler to rate something while also making it relatable. Therefore, we advise utilising Page Authority Checker frequently to monitor any changes in your website's ranking or competitors' websites.


Why should you use a PA checker? 


Among comparable tools, checking page authority is the easiest and fastest method. This helpful tool makes it simple and quick to check the rating. Page Authority Checker will provide you with specific PA and DA scores for your website. You can find out more about this ranking with only a few clicks.


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What is a good page authority score?


A score of 40 to 50 is regarded as average. Domain authority of 50 to 60 must be considered good. Scores over 60 are considered excellent for domain authority.


How can it be said if a website is credible or not? 

The authority of a website is largely determined by metrics, rankings, and the quality of its material, as well as by audience involvement. Websites that receive a lot of audience participation are more authoritative than those that receive little user involvement.


How exactly is Page Authority calculated or scored? 


On a logarithmic scale of 100 points, page authority is calculated. The easier a page to rank, the better the PA score. Another comparison statistic that enables a website to evaluate its performance concerning its rivals is page authority.


How can I increase my page authority?

There are three Ways to Boost Page Authority. Ensure that your material is engaging. Make care to expand your content as necessary. Make sure to update your content regularly.

What affects page authority and how? 


The number of high-quality backlinks pointing to the website and the general calibre of the content is two examples of these factors. Factors, including user behaviour, traffic, and keyword density, are considered. A 100-point scale is used to calculate the Page Authority score, produced by a specialised algorithm.