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A description of the SEO Backlink Checker Tool

Observer backlinks with the help of the free my seo tool, seo backlink checker tool, you can examine the top 300 backlinks for any domain. Verify the backlinks to your website or the website of a rival.

The trustworthiness of the 300 best backlinks is evaluated using Majestic SEO metrics called Citation Flow and Trust Flow.

You must enter a URL and click "Check Now" to run your backlink analysis.

Up to 300 rows may be checked each day without charge.

The My Seo Tools: How to Use It?

For your backlink research, enter the URL of your domain (or any other domain) into the My Seo Tools.

You will learn the following:

  • The best links pointing to your website
  • total number of links pointing to your website
  • The overall number of websites linking to your webpage
  • The total number of sites that link to your webpage


Sometimes toxic backlinks are hidden

Unscrupulous web admins continue to attempt to trick search engines with hidden backlinks, which are exactly what they sound like. This may have been the first black hat SEO technique ever invented.

Backlinks can be concealed from users and search engines by modifying the content, changing the background color, or employing other techniques. This is obviously against Google's rules. Any links pointing back to your website must be obvious, visible, and compliant with Google's guidelines.


Enter a website above to get started.


  • How do backlinks work?

Links pointing to your website are referred to as backlinks, external links, or inbound links.

  • Why do backlinks matter?

While a visitor visits your website and clicks on one of your backlinks, they will be taken to your website. We call it traffic when it behaves in this way. Furthermore, backlinks play a key role in SEO (search engine optimization), which increases the visibility of your material in online search results.

Search engines learn that you have produced worthwhile, pertinent material that other websites trust when they link to your website.

  • What Do Toxic Links Comprise?

As one might anticipate, harmful backlinks harm your website's reputation with Google. Many of these links result from unethical black hat SEO strategies, which aim to manipulate search engine algorithms to rank higher. Google penalizes sites found using these black hat SEO techniques to stop this SEO fraud.

  • What to do with the information about the backlinks to your website?

This free backlink checker tool can be used in various effective ways.

Backlink Examination: Clearly understand the state of your backlink profile and how it affects your SEO performance.

Gain More Backlinks:

  1. Utilize the links you already have to gain more link juice.
  2. When a backlink contains subpar anchor text, a nofollow attribute, or links to out-of-date content, get in touch with the webmaster.
  3. Disavow any low-quality backlinks you find to prevent negative SEO from harming your content.

Boost Your SEO: Use the My Seo Tools to identify changes in your top 300 backlinks after producing good, link-worthy content and putting more effort into link building.

Make Your Content Better: Check out the pages on your website that have received the top 300 backlinks. Exist any articles that "link magnetise" and command all the attention? To generate more backlinks, produce more of that content.

Track Your Competitors: Need ideas for creating content and constructing links? Investigate your competitors first. To conduct competition backlink research and learn where your rivals are obtaining their most potent backlinks, enter the URLs of their websites into My Seo Tools. Then, plan your outreach for link development appropriately.